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With this in mind, check out our guide to choosing the right bag for your career.

The Briefcase Leather bags by tuscanyLeatherbags

Leather bags  are most popular among office workers, but they are most appropriate for any profession that requires you to wear a suit. Leather briefcases are ideal for documents and file folders, which is why they are the preferred choice for professionals who regularly deal with paperwork.

The Leather Messenger Bag

These versatile bags are designed to be worn over your shoulder and can carry a wide range of items. by tuscany Messenger bags are stylish and elegant and are appropriate for a business-casual environment. A leather messenger bag is also quite durable. What makes messenger bags unique is that they can be used for a wide range of careers.

The Leather  Laptop  bags

If the bulk of your time at work is spent working with a by tuscany laptop bags , a laptop sleeve could be a good choice. These slim bags are designed to hold a laptop, but not much more. They are easy to carry, making them a good choice if you don't want to deal with a large, bulky bag.

The Leather bags Case

An attaché briefcase is a classic hard briefcase that is best suited for a formal workplace environment. A favorite for attorneys, an attache case adds an effortless sophistication, fitting for only the most traditional of careers. This style of case is particularly suited to transporting important paperwork and other essentials.

Choosing a new career bag is a matter of personal preference, your workplace environment, and the types of items that you need to carry. Browse Floto Leather Bags leather bags to jumpstart your career. Our genuine Italian leather bags will continue to look better with age and last for years to come.

Leather bags

Leather duffel bags are the perfect weekender and carry-on option. Airports require a lot of walking and standing in lines, so you may want to choose a duffle with wheels. This gives you the stylized look you want, without feeling weighed down. If your duffle bag doesn't have wheels, make sure it has a detachable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.

The Perfect Compartments Leather bags

Another reason to choose a leather duffel bag over a traditional suitcase is that it provides a wide, open, and unobstructed space to place your essentials. This means you can pack more in a duffle than in a traditional hard suitcase. The wide-open space is a key draw for a duffle bag, but make sure it has at least a few extra pockets. This might include a separate shoe compartment, an exterior compartment or two, and interior compartments to stash essentials like your smartphone and keys. Further maximize your interior space with packing cubes or an electronics storage insert.

Size and Weight of  Leather bags

Be sure to confirm the overhead carry-on dimensions for your airline, especially if you will be flying on smaller regional jets that require larger carry-on bags to be gate checked. Also be mindful of how heavy your duffel is, especially if you don't have wheels-as you may feel weighed down quickly. If your contents are too heavy, disperse the weight between your under-seat bag and carry-on luggage.Leather bags tuscany bags