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Difference between leather and leather


Difference between leather and leather

If at this moment you are thinking that between leather and leather there are some differences, I suggest you stop for a moment and read this article very carefully, as today I will explain to you what the real difference is between leather and leather, in order to dispel this myth once and for all.

You must know that between leather and leather, in reality, there is no difference, as it is a simple matter of sets and subsets.

In the sense that, in the past, the term leather referred to a very rigid vegetable tanned leather used purely to make shoe soles, while today it is used to indicate any type of vegetable tanned leather.

The term skin, on the other hand, indicates all those materials deriving from the dermis of an animal, including leather.

However, some argue that the term leather refers to a thick and rigid leather, while the term leather refers to a thin and soft leather.

Or, some manufacturing sectors are convinced that the term leather indicates vegetable tanned leather, while leather refers to chrome tanned leather.

So, to clarify, now I will give you a definitive definition of leather and leather, so that you can better clarify your ideas, but first let me explain the meaning of the term tanning.

Meaning of tanning

Tanning is defined as a chemical / physical process capable of making the leather rot-proof and suitable for processing.

Specifically, it is one of the processes that lead to the finished product starting from raw leather, or the waste product of the meat industry as regards bovine leather, which represents about 70% of the leather used in the manufacturing sector.

Furthermore, there are two types of tanning, namely:

Chrome: the most used type of tanning, as approximately 85% of all leathers made in the world are chrome tanned;

Vegetable: it is the most recognizable and traditional form of tanning, and is the only one capable of giving the leather unique properties, versatility of use and uniqueness of the product.

Difference between leather and leather

And now, to conclude, let me give you a clear and concrete definition of the terms "leather" and "leather":

The term leather refers to a very rigid leather, worked through the vegetable tanning process, and used for the production of shoe soles. Today, however, the term leather is used to indicate any type of vegetable tanned leather;

The term leather, on the other hand, is used to indicate all types of leather processed with any type of tanning, namely chrome, vegetable, alum or with the synthetic tanning method.

However, despite these small differences between the two materials, both have elements in common in relation to the production phase.

In fact, both leather and hide must be subjected to specific processing steps, such as:

Riviera works: chemical and mechanical operations carried out before tanning;

The tanning;

Retanning: involves a dyeing and (sometimes) fattening phase based on the intended use of the leather and market demands;

Finishing work: retouching applied to semi-finished leathers.

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