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How to get rid of the musty smell from bags 

 You will probably know how much we women care about our bags or clutches, considering them as our most precious treasure. Furthermore, the mere thought that the latter can be damaged, compromising their aesthetic side, leads us to an almost unbearable anxiety. But one of the problems that very often is not given too much importance concerns the smell of mold, a thorn in the side of us women which, if not extracted in time, risks compromising your purse or clutch forever. So, today I decided to give you some tips on how to get rid of the musty smell from your bags. But first let me tell you why mold forms in bags and how you can prevent it. Why does mold form in bags? Mold is a type of fungus, black, white or green, which forms in very humid and poorly ventilated environments, giving off a rather annoying odor. However, there are several ways to eliminate it (which we will see shortly), but the important thing is to prevent it from forming. The main cause of why bags form mold is due to the fact that your closet, where you keep your bags, may remain closed for too long, without the latter being exposed to sunlight. So remember to keep the environment of your bags as healthy as possible, so as to make the possibility that mold can form and creep inside your bags or clutches almost nil. How to prevent mold in bags It is essential to prevent mold in your bags or clutches, and to do so it is essential that you take care of your bag systematically. So it is important that you know how to store it properly to avoid this unpleasant problem. As I have already mentioned, I recommend that you keep your bag or clutch bag inside a wardrobe and keep its doors open periodically (you can also keep it closed, but don't overdo it). Another solution could be to keep your bag or clutch bag inside your closet inside a box or bag. But remember to insert silica gel sachets inside the box or bag, which can be purchased online or at specialized stores, which are used to absorb moisture. So, to prevent the smell of mold in your bags remember, periodically, to keep your closet open (where you keep your bags) and let it get some air, so that the bags or clutches can also take a little sun. Also, I recommend brushing your bags and applying a moisturizing cleansing milk to their skin

Tips on how to eliminate the smell of mold from bags Now let's see how to eliminate the smell of mold from bags. White vinegar To eliminate the musty smell from your bag, you can use white vinegar with distilled water as a solution. Use these two liquids together (with the same amount) using a sponge and start rubbing inside your bag or outside, where mold has formed. Before applying the solution, perform a test on a small hidden point of the bag, in order to understand whether the bag will be stained or not. At the end, dry it with a wet and clean cloth and put it in the open air (avoid it being in contact with sunlight). Bicarbonate Another valid solution is to use bicarbonate. So, what you need to do is take a cloth bag or sock that you are not using, fill the bag (or sock) with baking soda and put it in your bag. Then, close your bag inside a plastic bag or a watertight container and wait 24 hours. If the problem is not solved, I recommend that you repeat the operation from the beginning. Coffee You must know that coffee, in addition to being an indispensable pleasure for us, is also a food product capable of removing bad odors. So, in order to remove the musty smell inside your bag using coffee, take a sock and fill it with coffee (also soluble). Tie the sock (so that the fragrance remains) and put it inside your bag. Compared to baking soda, the waiting times are at least one week. During this time, the coffee should be able to absorb, and thus eliminate, the musty smell. If not, wait a few more days. Liquid soap A simpler but at the same time effective solution can be to use liquid soap. Then, to remove the musty smell from your bag, take the liquid soap, mix it with a little water and apply it with a sponge or a clean cloth (wring out the cloth before proceeding). Once the operation is finished, also in this case, let the bag dry in the open air and not under sunlight. If the musty smell persists, repeat the operation.