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 How to remove the smell of leather from bags ?

 Despite being a material with excellent qualities and with a superfine aesthetic, leather often has a particular smell that many people could not like it, leading them to almost not buy the bag or the item of clothing. And, in addition to its smell, the skin can also absorb other types of odors, such as cigarette smoke, odors from packaging or from the industrial areas where it is made. This is due to the pores that make up the leather, which absorb any type of odor present in the air. However, the smell emanating from the skin, which can also be strong and pungent, is a sign that indicates the excellent quality of the material used. In addition, that particular smell can also fade away both over time and using very simple home methods. So, if you have just bought a bag or other leather accessory, and the latter gives off a strong, almost unpleasant smell, don't worry, because that is a sign of the quality of the leather. However, if you really do not want your bag or accessory to give off that kind of smell, continue reading this article because now I will explain how to remove the smell of leather from bags. How to remove leather odor from bags First, clean the entire surface of the leather using a damp cloth to remove dirt or dust that has accumulated over time. Then, put it in contact with the sun's rays and let it dry in the open air for at least a day. After it has dried completely, take some newspaper, wrap the bag with it and put it inside a container. Finally, I wait a couple of days. If the leather smell has not gone away, I recommend using other products such as lemon or baking soda. To learn more about the topic, read the article: "How to clean leather bags". Click here to discover Tuscany Bags handcrafted leather bags.