Fanny packs have become the perfect outfit accessory thanks to their shape that can be easily adapted to the body, avoiding the tedious task of hanging it on the arm or shoulder like traditional bags that place all the weight on one side. In view of this, we will show you some of the reasons why you should consider having a leather fanny pack in your wardrobe. BEANS VS NORMAL BAGS Koalas are one of the most requested accessories by users in the last year, this is due to the advantages they have over other bags, since they can fulfill the same function of storing objects, but in a much more efficient way. safe to use on the street, as they have a better protection system that prevents being snatched, which is due to the fact that they are tied at the waist or crossed on the torso. This factor not only makes it a safe accessory, but also distributes the load it contains evenly, making it ideal for people who suffer from cervical or back pain. Likewise, it can be said that they are more spacious and lighter than many mini bags, this implies that they are more practical to carry with you. Although we must emphasize that they are not capable of containing large items, such as tablets, mini laptops and others.

WHY CHOOSE A LEATHER BELT BAG AMONG OTHER MATERIALS? One of the most remarkable and positive characteristics that these products made of leather have is their durability and conservation, because they do not expire, spoil or break, thanks to their high resistance to tearing, puncture and traction, characteristics that other materials do not have. such as fabric or synthetic compounds. That is, as time goes by they get stronger. This basically occurs because properly treated animal tissue adapts to the climate in which it finds itself, preserving its physical properties, something that does not happen in other inorganic pieces. In addition, the presence they provide in the image of the wearer leaves much to be desired, since they are elegant and refined accessories. But that's not all, leather fanny packs are friendly to the environment, since they are made entirely of organic matter. Not to mention that they do not produce allergies or alterations in the PH of people. Another advantage offered by this type of accessory is its thermal insulation, since it regulates the temperature, becoming warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Which implies that it can be used in any season of the year without problem. As you will see, there are many benefits that you can obtain in a single article compared to other materials.

FACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING A LEATHER BELT BAG The first thing you should take into account before purchasing one of these pieces is the purpose for which you plan to use it, either as a fully decorative accessory to combine with the rest of your clothing, do sports, travel or daily use. If your case is the first option then you will not need a very large size, it is enough that it is aesthetically beautiful and elegant. But if, on the other hand, you need it to carry your things when doing sports, we suggest you opt for one with more space, so that you can hold items such as a small cloth, hat, water, headphones to listen to music, or other similar accessories. Now, if your intention is to use it as a complement to traveling luggage, a medium or large size bag with multiple compartments will work for you, since you can load personal hygiene items, makeup, passport, identity documents, credit cards, mobile, etc. among other belongings, and separate them, so that you can have them at hand. The same would apply for a daily use fanny pack. On the other hand, the design and model of the fanny pack will also be a parameter that you should consider, since the variety available on the market is quite wide and choosing the most appropriate one will depend on your style. You can take a look at this Belt Bag Made of Leather with 3 compartments that we have in our store, we are sure that it will interest you.

COMBINE YOUR BELT BAG WITH ALL THE STYLE The trend that these items have generated is such that today they can look good with any garment. That's because minimalist accessories are all the rage, a fact that conveniently favors leather fanny packs. Retro, vintage and classic designs have become the first choice for many young people, who feel free to wear any type of outfit and incorporate accessories that make them stand out. CONCLUSION There is no doubt that leather fanny packs are and will be pieces that will last over time without going unnoticed, since their classic and delicate finish will always make a difference in outfits; and if we add to this the versatility of functions and benefits that it offers, we can say that it is the perfect accessory for any outing. The fanny packs that you can find in Perré are made of highly resistant, ecological, water-permeable and superior quality natural leather, so you won't have to worry about having to change your bag constantly, and it can even be an excellent option to give to someone. wish.